Construction systems


These structures generally work in extreme environments and are able to withstand climatic alterations.
Attention to detail, opt for a solution that works.  
Pervedant provides you with a solution that meets your requirements.

Construction systems

Solutions for
PVC windows

Pervedant is committed to developing products that contribute to and are vital in this area. Resistance to temperature and ultraviolet radiation, sealing capacity, elasticity and bonding are some of the most critical properties we are continually improving over time.

Construction systems

Solutions for wooden windows  

A Pervedant alia conhecimento com know-how em soluções funcionais e sistemas que respondem aos regulamentos de construção.

Construction systems

Solutions for aluminium windows

It is not enough for a sealing profile to be watertight, it must also be able to withstand frost, snow, heat and high winds without physical or chemical changes that may shorten its intended service life. A key factor for a sealing profile is its insulation capacity.

Insulation profiles for 
Facade Systems

Our customers rely on Pervedant’s proven performance in insulation profiles for facade systems.

We are the right choice in extruded polymer profiles, offering a full range of polymer products for heat-cured and thermoplastic compounds.